Zaitun Dawah Istitute

“… Arise & Deliver”

Sheikh Mohammed Awal

Founder: Zaitun Dawah Institute

Islamic Apologist

Indeed, He is one of the best Islamic Apologist of our time


He has shown the greatest knowledge and expertise in debate and they are scared to encounter with Sheikh


His writings are gone viral among the people of science and intellectuals because of his unique ways of presenting the knowledge.

My story

Sheikh Mohammed Awal founded Zaitun Dawah Institute (ZDI), a think tank research center with head quarters in Seattle Washington State USA, and branches in NY, Atlanta, Nigeria, and Ghana.

Sheikh Awal is a scholar in Islamic Sciences, Comparative Religion and logic. He is an Islamic apologist, a debater, a motivational speaker and a prolific writer. He holds a diploma in Agric. Science and Irrigation Engineering from College of Irrigation and Surveying, and a degree from the prestigious Kaduna Polytechnic College of Environmental Studies both In Nigeria. He also bags a diploma in logic and philosophy from Seattle Institute of Advance Studies.

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My e-Books & Courses

Sheikh Mohammed Awal has written wonderfully referenced from Sunnah and all other Scriptures to compile great books full of inspirations and guidance for whole mankind. Take a look at for yourself and loved ones..

Zaitun Dawah Institute is lunching an online Courses