Zaitun Dawah

The Founder

Zaitun Dawah was initially registered as an a think tank research and learning institute in USA and later got it’s registrations in African countries such as Nigeria and Ghana.

Our mission is to provide quality programs for today’s da’ee. And this can only be facilitated through a comprehensive methodology, ZDI possesses the tool to make effective du’ats. We hasten to promote excellent inter personal and general relations with the community we intend to serve.

Removing the misconceptions, misinformation, misinterpretations and restoring a pristine pure Islam. Ours is to empower the du’ats to seek further knowledge in Islam in other areas relevant for today’s mind set. Guide students to develop a life skill of dawah so much needed in today’s world, especially with all the stigmatization and stereotyping about Islam. As our grand master and teacher Sheikh Ahmed Deedat once said: if this is your label, wear it.

ZDI upholds the islamic tradition of great respect for knowledge and an open spirit of inquiry. The rich vein of excellence in learning within…

Feedback & Reviews

There’s always something new to learn from his teachings

Hajia Lantana

“There are lot and great islamic scholars but to my humble opinion I think Sheikh Mohammed Awal is the number one on my list... “


” I thought my learning age has passed until i met Sheikh Mohammed Awal and toughed my inner heart with the meaning of First revelation; that’s (IQRAA), my learning just started for fact “

Mohammad Aminu